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Michael Aquino

Yu Sheng - an Auspicious Chinese New Year Dish

By January 26, 2009

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yu sheng, Singapore Chinese New Year dish
Image Gary Tamin.

On the seventh day of Chinese New Year, Singaporean and Malaysian families gather to eat a dish that is meant to summon good luck for the rest of the year. But it's not so much the eating that brings good luck - it's what you do before you eat it.

The dish is called Yu Sheng ("raw fish"). It's a salad of thin slices of raw fish, combined with sauces, spices, cracklings, and vegetables.

The ingredients are served unmixed, and the guests combine the ingredients then toss them in the air with expressions of good luck, such as "Lo Hei!" (tossing luck)

As a raw fish salad, the fish (preferably mackerel) must be extremely fresh, and the vegetables must be newly sliced.

Yu sheng can be bought at many grocery stores, but it's primarily a restaurant dish, and best enjoyed with close family and friends.

Yu sheng is just one of many traditional Chinese New Year foods you can enjoy throughout the celebrations. Visit this article: A Gallery of Chinese New Year Foods to find out what the others are. Lo hei!

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