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Map of Bali Bird Park, Gianyar, Bali

Locations of exhibits and facilities in Bali Bird Park

Refer to Taman Buru Bali Bird Park article for complete details.

Map Legend:

A. Entrance

B. Car Park

C. Bali Starling Restaurant / Gift Shop

D. South America Exhibit
Home to South American exotics like the Scarlet Macaw, Toucan, Congo Grey Parrot, and more.

E. Breeding Center
The Park breeds many of the birds seen in its exhibits; new residents can be seen in their incubators through the breeding center's observation windows. The center has successfully bred exotic birds like hornbills, Pesquet's Parrots, Bali starlings, and Birds of Paradise.

F. Open Area for Live Shows

G. Toraja House

H. Lake Nakuru
Bali Bird Park's lakes are home to large communities of cranes, storks and pelicans.

I. Sumatra Exhibit
A habitat replicating Sumatra's mountains and jungles, all the better to house Sumatran birds.

J. Cassowary Enclosure

K. Lake Kalimutu

L. Borneo Exhibit

M. Papua Aviary

N. Java Exhibit

O. Bali Aviary
Houses Bali's jungle birds and several specimens of Bali Starling.

P. Lake Tamblingan

Q. Rainforest Juice Bar
A snack bar and drink shack for thirsty visitors.

R. Birds of Paradise Exhibit
Home to one of the world's most comprehensive collections of Bird of Paradise.

S. Komodo Experience
A komodo dragon pen housing several magnificent specimens. Being cold-blooded, though, they do little but sun themselves.

T. Sulawesi, Moluccas and the Eastern Islands Exhibit

Return to Taman Buru Bali Bird Park article.

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