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Tsunami-Ready Hotels & Resorts in Bali

How Bali Hotels Respond to the Tsunami Threat


Directional sign pointing in direction of tsunami safe zone.

Directional sign pointing in direction of safe zone. These signs are placed conspicuously around Tsunami Ready certified hotels in South Bali.

Image courtesy of Tsunami Ready & Bali Hotels Association.

There’s only one way to really “tsunami-proof” your Bali vacation – stay away from vulnerable South Bali and get as far inland as you can, ideally to Ubud in Central Bali or thereabouts.

But even tourists who stay within ten to twenty miles of Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak can rest easy if they know their Bali hotel has taken special precautions to take care of guests in the unlikely event of a tsunami hitting the area.

(Read about Bali tsunami, or find out how to prepare for a tsunami.)

Getting “Tsunami Ready”

Enter “Tsunami Ready” (tsunamiready.com) – a response by the Bali tourism industry to the challenge posed by the Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004.

Knowing that Bali was particularly vulnerable to the threat of tsunami (the very same faultline that triggered the 2004 tsunami runs right under the island of Bali itself!), the Bali Hotels Association (BHA, balihotelsassociation.com) worked with industry partners like the Indonesian Ministry of Culture and Tourism (BUDPAR, budpar.go.id) to draw up evacuation procedures and recognize member resorts that were able to implement them efficiently.

Member hotels undergo a period of training, after which an on-site audit is conducted by “Tsunami Ready” staff. If the hotel passes the test, they are permitted to use the “Tsunami Ready” logo in their marketing materials and announce their status to the world.

What to Expect from a “Tsunami Ready” Hotel

A “Tsunami Ready” hotel provides its guests with the following services:

  • Pertinent tsunami information. Guests can find tsunami information material – particularly material explaining the hotel’s tsunami evacuation procedures – in their own rooms. Guests will also find information that helps them prepare for earthquakes.
  • Clear signs. Guests will find clear tsunami evacuation signs on the premises; the signs will efficiently guide guests to the nearest evacuation spot.
  • Proper staff training. In the event of a tsunami, a competent evacuation team wearing conspicuous signal vests will guide guests to the safe zones. They will be equipped with a whistle and flashlight for the proper disposal of their duties.

For a list of hotels that have received full “Tsunami Ready” certification, proceed to the next page.

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