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Culture & People of Southeast Asia

Learn more about the people of Southeast Asia - their customs, their holidays, their food, and their history.
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Chinese New Year in Southeast Asia
All throughout Southeast Asia, preparations are under way for the biggest holiday of the year: the Chinese (or Lunar) New Year, which begins on February 7. Find out how this extra-special holiday is celebrated in Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Images of Nyepi, the Balinese New Year
Image Gallery depicting the Balinese holiday of Nyepi, the traditional Balinese New Year - also known as the Day of Silence.

Ramadan and Aidilfitri in Southeast Asia
Muslim observation of Ramadan in Singapore and Malaysia, and accompanying Ramadan bazaars.

Images of Vesak Celebrations in Southeast Asia
See how the holiday of Vesak, or Buddha's Birthday, is celebrated around Central Java in Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand

Things to Do in Bali - Great Ideas for Activities and Things to Do in Bali
Sun, romance, adventure mentioning Bali to anyone who has visited Indonesia's star island will produce glassed-over eyes and a dreamy sigh. Other than baking to a crispy brown on near-perfect beaches, there are many unforgettable places and things to do in Bali. While Indonesia boasts approximately 18,000 islands, Bali is by far the most...

8 Things to Do in Ubud, Bali
The quiet, touristy town of Ubud is considered by many to be the epicenter for arts and culture in Bali. Ubud has developed a reputation as a place with a positive vibe, possibly explaining why so many artists and naturalists have settled in the lush, green areas around town.

Pura Luhur Uluwatu's Kecak and Fire Dance
Pura Luhur Uluwatu is one of Balis most sacred temples, protecting the island from evil spirits in the southwest. The temple commands a wonderful view of the sea breaking against the base of the cliffs below, and a totally unforgettable sunset. The most compelling part of the temple complex, however, comes from its nightly kecak and fire dance...

Etiquette in Cambodia
Etiquette in Cambodia - How to show respect and proper etiquette in Cambodia

Dos and Don't's in Vietnam
How to thrive in Vietnamese society without committing embarrassing faux pas. Tips on Vietnamese customs, culture, and expectations.

New Treasure Island, Sanur, Bali
The New Treasure Island Cultural Park in Bali offers a hands-on, Cliff's Notes version of the Bali cultural experience.

The Angkor Civilization
A new paper reports on a map of the the capital city of the Angkor civilization, the settlement of Angkor. The map reveals that the occupation may cover an unheard of 3,000 square kilometers, making Angkor the largest low-density pre-industrial city on earth.

Vietnamese Water Puppets
The secret of Vietnamese water puppets has been guarded for centuries. Read about the history and tradition of Vietnamese water puppets in Saigon.

Memory of Majapahit Kingdom
A site about the history of the last of the major Hindu empires of the Malay archipelago.

Time Asia – the Admiral's Isles
A look at Indonesia through the eyes of the legendary Chinese explorer Zheng He.

Wayang Puppet Theatre
UNESCO’s summary of Bali’s most recognized art form, the Wayang.

Rasa Malaysia
A blog featuring the best of Malaysian cuisine - with reviews, recipes, and more.

How to Say Hello in Southeast Asia
How to show respect and say hello across Southeast Asia. Different countries have different greetings - learn how to say hello in Southeast Asia.

Great Places to Party in Southeast Asia
Finding the party in Southeast Asia is never hard to do! Read about these hedonistic hotspots for parties in Southeast Asia.

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