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Things to Do and Places to See in Southeast Asia


In a region the size of Southeast Asia, you can't just drop in and expect to see something interesting - you have to know where to go and how to get there to find what you came for. Discover what you can see in Southeast Asia, and make an itinerary that'll fit your travel tastes.
  1. Dazzling Beaches
  2. Sports & Thrills
  3. Sacred Spots
  4. Historical Sites
  5. War Memorials
  6. Shopping
  1. Dining & Nightlife
  2. Wild Encounters
  3. Nature Parks
  4. Urban Adventures
  5. Cultural Experiences

Dazzling Beaches

Bali Surfer

Southeast Asia has tens of thousands of islands - one of them may have your name on it! Discover Southeast Asia's beaches and find out what you can do with unlimited sea, sand and sun.

Sports & Thrills

Team Switzerland member racing at Sepang circuit

Southeast Asia is gaining fame for its sports activities, from Formula One to football. Discover the experiences that the region has to offer the thrill seeking tourist.

Sacred Spots

Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque

Despite its inexorable march to modernity, Southeast Asian societies are very closely linked to ancient religious traditions. Many religions have left their mark on the region, with temples, pagodas, and mosques wherever you look.

Historical Sites

Ngo Mon Gate, Hue Citadel, Vietnam

Empires have risen and fallen throughout Southeast Asia, leaving ruins in their wake. These relics of Southeast Asia’s imperial and colonial past have been preserved or resurrected outright. If you want to experience Southeast Asia's past first hand, you can't go wrong visiting any of these historical sites.

War Memorials

Aerial view of the Manila American Cemetery. Philippines.

The wars of the last century have not left Southeast Asia unscathed. In Indochina and the Philippines, memories of World War II and the Vietnam War live on in a number of battlegrounds, museums, and cemeteries dedicated to those who fought and died.


Little India, Singapore

Come taste from the region's many dining traditions, or max out your credit card on the limitless shopping opportunities that Southeast Asia has to offer.

Dining & Nightlife

Ti Kuih, Sticky Sweet Treat

Southeast Asia - where dining is an adventure! Find top restaurants and eating joints throughout the region, and eat your way through the region's many food traditions.

Wild Encounters

Zebra at Taman Safari

Southeast Asia is a major center for biodiversity, and a number of tourist spots allow you to get up close and personal with the region’s wildlife.

Nature Parks

Chocolate Hills, Bohol, Philippines

Go trekking through Southeast Asia's nature reserves to discover the real wealth of the region - stunning geological formations, unfamiliar flora and fauna, and a natural history you'll find nowhere else in the world.

Urban Adventures

Singapore CBD

Southeast Asia's cities bring the best of each country together into compact urban spaces that are easier to explore and enjoy!

Cultural Experiences

Kecak performance, Bali.

Dive into one (or all) of Southeast Asia's multitude of cultures, influenced by thousands of years of religious tradition and hundreds of years of colonial influence.

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