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Health & Safety in Southeast Asia

Health and safety tips for visitors to Southeast Asia. What immunizations you'll need; information on area-specific diseases and how to avoid them; and where to go for treatment.

Staying Safe in Southeast Asia
Travel safety tips for Southeast Asia to keep you healthy and happy. Read these travel safety tips and recommendations for your trip.

Travel Insurance in Southeast Asia
Don't go to Southeast Asia without getting the right insurance coverage - a little expense now may save your life and your financial security should something untoward happen.

Hiking Safety Tips
Simple hiking safety tips for Southeast Asia. Monkeys, leeches, snakes - learn how to stay safe with these safety hiking tips.

Sunburn & Sun Protection Tips in Southeast Asia
How to protect yourself from sunburn when in Southeast Asia - tips for decreasing UV exposure on the sunny beaches and trails of Southeast Asia.

Sunscreen: A Southeast Asia Travel Essential.
No sun protection plan for visitors to Southeast Asia can ever be complete without the mainstay of summer vacation: sunscreen. Sunscreens are absolutely important: they contain ingredients that absorb certain UV wavelengths, protecting the skin from UV damage. If you're planning to go to Southeast Asia during the summer months, you should...

Traveler's Diarrhea
Traveler's diarrhea doesn't have to ruin your trip. Read these tips and frequently asked questions for beating traveler's diarrhea.

Bedbugs are on the rise! Read about how to protect yourself and your home from bedbugs.

Monkey Bites
Monkey bites are serious if left untreated. Read about monkey behavior and how to avoid monkey bites.

How to Prevent Mosquito Bites
Learn how to prevent mosquito bites in Southeast Asia! Read about DEET alternatives and ten quick tips for preventing mosquito bites.

A Short Guide to Getting Drunk in Southeast Asia
Is drinking legal where you're going? Check out this summary of laws governing alcohol sale and consumption throughout Southeast Asia .

Harsh Punishments for Drug Use in Southeast Asia
Southeast Asias governments impose the toughest drug laws on the planet. A list of notable drug convicts, and advice on how to avoid following their example.

H1N1 Prevention Tips for Southeast Asia Travelers
A handful of tips to help prepare the Southeast Asia traveler for a trip through an affected region - without catching the disease.

Center for Disease Control: Spotlight on Southeast Asia
Be prepared: see what illnesses are threatening Southeast Asia at this very moment, thanks to this up-to-date site.

MD Travel Health - Asia
Vital information for travelers preparing to journey to countries in Asia. Choose your destination and find out what immunizations you need, what paperwork you should do, and where to go if your health is at risk.

World Weather Information Service
Check the state of the weather at your Southeast Asian destination (or pretty much anywhere in the world).

New Zealand's Regional Travel Advice for Southeast Asia
A sober assessment of the risks travelers face in Southeast Asia, brought to you by the Government of New Zealand.

US Department of State – Travel Warnings
The US State Department’s list of Travel Warnings for countries around the world, including some countries in Southeast Asia.

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