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Indonesia Eight-Day Itinerary: What to Do and See with Eight Days in Indonesia


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Introduction: Indonesia Eight-Day Itinerary
Indonesia Eight-Day Itinerary: What to Do and See with Eight Days in Indonesia
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Indonesia might induce a fit of analysis paralysis in even the most experienced traveler - after all, the archipelago has over 17,000 islands - but the beginning Indonesia traveler can get the most out of their visit by limiting their trip to the two neighboring islands of Java and Bali.

Java is one of the most densely populated islands in Southeast Asia, and its long heritage of indigenous Javanese culture makes the place a must-see for any traveler visiting the region. Our itinerary's Java leg will include stays in Jakarta (Indonesia's bustling, engorged capital) and Yogyakarta (a center for Javanese culture), before jetting over to Bali, just over the Bali Strait.

Our Bali leg will involve a day in South Bali, before taking a short drive up to Central Bali and Ubud, where you can experience the indigenous Balinese culture at its proudest and most refined.

Ready to go? Not so fast. Before undertaking any trip to Indonesia, you should review the following travel basics:

  • Indonesia Travel Information: all about Indonesia's visa requirements, currency, and safety situation.
  • Weather in Indonesia: details on Indonesia's weather, with information on recommended clothing and links to local weather conditions.
  • Money and Money Changers in Bali: learn about the local currency, how to change dollars and pounds to the Indonesian rupiah (IDR), and where to have your foreign currency exchanged while on the island of Bali.
  • Drug Laws in Bali and the Rest of Indonesia: drug possession and trafficking in Bali and the rest of Indonesia can get you in deep trouble; find out more by reading this article.
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