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Losmen and Hotel Melati – No-Star Budget Hotels in Bali

Comfort and Great Value for Money


Hotels in Bali can leave you spoiled for choice, but may also confuse the hell out of potential travelers. Apart from the customary one- to five-star hotels and resorts, Bali offers two unfamiliar types of budget accommodation: losmen and hotel melati.

Losmen and hotel melati are two classes of hotels recognized by the Indonesian government alongside the usual five-star system.

Losmen are homestay-type accommodations. In Bali, these usually refer to family-run establishments built in the Balinese fashion – a series of houses built around an inner garden and walled off into a compound. The rooms usually have an electric fan, a cold-water shower and a Western-style (no squat) toilet.

Some losmen, particularly higher-priced ones, are cozy and offer excellent value for money. The cheaper rooms tend to be more cramped and dismal. Prices range from 50,000Rp ($5.50) to 150,000Rp ($16.50) per night. This may include breakfast.

Very few (if any) losmen offer online reservations.

Hotel melati are budget hotels that don’t fit within the accepted one-to-five star parameters of hotels worldwide.

Hotel melati are ranked from 1 to 3, but the distinction between each is difficult to define. Melati 1 hotels generally have no air-conditioning and few guest services (if at all). Melati 2 hotels have some facilities, but lack others (you might get air-conditioning, but no room service). Melati 3 hotels have most of the services you’d expect from one- to two-star hotels.

In general, hotel melati are cheaper and less furnished than starred hotels, but not always. Some melati 3 hotels are more comfortable than 3-star hotels, but hotels from melati 2 on down generally don’t have the right facilities to earn stars by the usual way.

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