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Indonesian Culture & People – language, cuisine, history, & more

Indonesia’s multifaceted culture reflects the many peoples spread out over the islands that make up the nation. Here are links and articles chronicling Indonesia’s arts, cuisine, languages, religion, history, and more to enrich your Indonesian journey.

Bali Culture 101
Bali's culture is wide-ranging, rich, and complex - this overview is meant to give a contextual basis for your visit to Bali and its temples, performances, and ceremonies

Dos and Don’t’s in Bali, Indonesia
Tips for tourists who want to make the most out of their trip to Bali, Indonesia. Advice on safety, health, etiquette, and more for your upcoming trip to Bali.

Etiquette Tips for Travelers in Bali, Indonesia
Dos and don't's when in Bali, Indonesia - tips on how not to commit cultural faux pas and understand the local culture when traveling to Bali

A Guide to Bali's Temples
Bali's temples represent the island's fervent Hindu-based culture. Find out about the temples of Bali, their classifications, their celebrations, and why they're so numerous

Manusa Yadnya - Rites of Passage in Balinese Culture
Rites of passage are very important in Bali culture. The Manusa Yadnya dictates the timing and ceremonies of rites that cover birth, marriage and death. Find out more about Balinese rites of passage.

Food in Indonesia
An introduction to the food in Indonesia. Popular dishes, food terms, precautions, and the best food in Indonesia.

Top Must-Try Street Foods in Indonesia

Nasi Goreng
Nasi goreng is the most popular food in Indonesia.Read an introduction to Indonesian fried rice and learn a recipe for nasi goreng.

Civet Coffee
Civet Coffee from Sumatra is one of the strangest and most expensive brews on the planet. Think you know coffee? Read the story behind civet coffee.

Safety Tips for Travelers in Bali, Indonesia
Dos and don't's for staying safe when in Bali, Indonesia - tips on how to prevent theft, arrest, or accident while traveling in Bali

Safety Tips When Visiting Beaches in Bali, Indonesia
How to stay safe while swimming on a Bali beach - dos and don't's to follow when swimming in Bali, to ensure your safety

Health Tips for Travelers in Bali, Indonesia
Dos and don't's to help Bali tourists stay safe while on the island - with links to hospitals and clinics should the need for a doctor's attention arise

Hospitals and Clinics in Bali, Indonesia
A list of hospitals and clinics in Bali, Indonesia - with contact details, website link, and descriptions - in case you need medical attention in Bali, you know who to call.

Canang Sari - definition
A small offering of flowers and/or money placed on a tiny square tray woven out of coconut leaf. These can be found all over Bali.

Memory of Majapahit Kingdom
A site about the history of the last of the major Hindu empires of the Malay archipelago.

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