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Canang Sari - definition


Canang sari.

Canang sari.

Mike Aquino, licensed to About.com

A small offering of flowers and/or money placed on a tiny square tray woven out of coconut leaf. "Canang" refers to the tray, while "sari" refers to the "essence" of the offering which may be a small amount of money placed on top.

Canang sari may be found all over the island, in small house shrines, in village temples, even on the ground! (To step on one unintentionally is not a terrible offense, so don't sweat it.)

Canang sari are offered every morning by devout Balinese to show gratitude to the creator (Sang Hyang Widi Wasa). Canang sari require a bit of effort to create, which adds meaning to the sacrifice being made.

The New Treasure Island in Sanur, Bali offers classes in canang sari making, among other things.

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