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Eight Awesome Activities in Boracay


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Parasailing in Boracay
Parasailing off Boracay,  Philippines.

Parasailing off Boracay, Philippines.

Image © Anjum / Creative Commons.

Boracay doesn’t have an airport of its own, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fly around the island. You can take wing for at least fifteen minutes when you go parasailing above Boracay. Parasailers are attached to a parachute and towed behind a speedboat; the speed creates lift, and the parasailer flies over a hundred feet above the sea.

The parachute is usually deployed about half a mile away from White Beach to minimize accidents. But we’d be lying if we said this was totally safe - a couple of deaths have been reported in Boracay from parasailing expeditions gone wrong, so take appropriate precautions. Parasail operators will refuse to serve you if the weather is too rough for a safe ride, but if the sky looks doubtful, play it safe and reschedule.

Parasailing rates vary depending on the season; Diamond Watersports (+63 36 288 6621 / +63 36 288 6681 / +63 36 288 5711) charges US$57, or PHP 2500 per person during high and peak seasons, but only US$ 23 or PHP 1000 during low season.

Boracay Garden Hotel (Phone: +63 36 288 6672; seraphboracay.com) charges about US$45 or PHP 1800 per person; the rate is the same all year round.

A few pro tips - you can bring a camera to capture the moment, but be sure to inform the handlers beforehand, as some parasail operators like to slow down and “dip” their guests in the water.

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