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Eight Awesome Activities in Boracay


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Boracay Diving
Under the seas off Boracay,  Philippines.

Under the seas off Boracay, Philippines.

Image © Free Willy Diving, used with permission.

Boracay is beautiful, both above and under the water. The seas around Boracay harbor more than thirty amazing diving spots, with a surfeit of reefs, wrecks, and rare tropical fish.

Expert and newbie divers alike are well-served in Boracay, given the diversity of diving sites and the number of dive shops on the island. You can choose a diving package with length and intensity depending on your budget and expertise.

Newbies can try discovery dives that require no PADI certification, or take PADI certification courses. Experienced divers can pursue night diving, wreck diving, and advanced open water dives around Boracay and its neighboring islands. If you have the cash and time to spare, go on a multi-day dive safari on a liveaboard cruise to explore everything that Boracay has to offer.

Rates vary depending on the duration of the dive - a short discovery course may cost as little as US$69 or PHP 3000, while a two-day safari might cost US$346 or PHP 15000.

Free Willy Diving (Phone: +63 918 706 0137 / +63 36 288 5337; fhreewilly@yahoo.com; freewillydiving.com) north of Station 2 offers 10% discount for reservations made over email.

Blue Mango Dive Center (Phone: +63 36 288 5170; info@bluemangoinn.com; boracaydive.com) operates next to the 14-room Blue Mango Inn on Station 3.

Victory Divers (Phone: +63 36 288 3209; info@victorydivers.com; victorydivers.com) offers Nitrox diving with no extra charge.

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