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Nature & Adventure Travel Activities in Davao City, Philippines


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Introducing Davao City - Southern Philippines' Nature & Adventure Central
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Davao City in the Philippines is a modern metropolis hidden away in the Philippines' southern island of Mindanao. The island's somewhat seamy reputation aside, Davao stands apart as a bustling modern metropolis with a significant law-and-order presence and up-to-date infrastructure.

That's a good thing, too, as Davao is sandwiched between the picturesque Davao Gulf and the rolling foothills of Mount Apo, smack in between a number of destinations well-suited for the rugged nature-tripper or beachgoer. From one of Davao's hotels, travelers can easily reach mountain bike trails in Davao's outskirts, dive shops that can take divers to the Davao Gulf's more colorful dive or snorkel spots (see above), or the jumping-off point for whitewater rafting tours of the Davao River.

From Davao City, buses take adventure gluttons out north to Kapalong's warren of caves, or west to the Philippines' highest mountain and its hiking trails.

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