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Manila American Cemetery, Philippines


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Introduction to the American Cemetery in Manila, Philippines
Manila American Cemetery, Philippines

Aerial view of the Manila American Cemetery. Philippines.

Work of the U.S. Government - Public domain.

The Manila American Cemetery and Memorial in the Philippines honors the American and allied servicemen who died fighting the Japanese in World War II. The Cemetery offers repose to soldiers who died in the Pacific theater, which included the Philippines, New Guinea, and the Pacific islands.

At 152 acres, it is one of the largest overseas cemeteries for American World War II soldiers. Only the Normandy American Cemetery in France is larger, and the Manila plot has it beat in terms of largest number of graves - 17,202 American and allied servicemen rest in the Manila America Cemetery's grounds. (Normandy has 9,387.) A memorial on the Cemetery's grounds also honors the 36,279 American servicemen listed as Missing in Action while serving in the Pacific during the war.

The scale of the Manila American Cemetery - and the number of dead and MIA servicemen it honors - shows the massive scale of the Pacific theater in World War II, and the equally massive price it cost in lives. The American Battle Monuments Commission maintains the American Cemetery in remembrance of the American servicemen who gave their lives for freedom's cause in the Pacific.

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