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Eight Romantic Getaways in Southeast Asia


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Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi, Vietnam
Huc bridge over Hoan Kiem Lake

Huc bridge over Hoan Kiem Lake

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Hoan Kiem Lake is the wet, beating heart of the city of Hanoi in Vietnam. The part of the city surrounding the lake is shaded by trees and endowed with a wide path, which is often used by Vietnam’s post-war, marriageable-age baby boomers for their pre-wedding shots.

And Hoan Kiem lake is such a no-brainer for romantics who want to immortalize their love: the view is just perfect, weather permitting. The tree branches dipping into the water, the sight of the island-bound Ngoc Son Temple at Hoan Kiem Lake's north end and the bright red The Huc Bridge connecting it to the city, seen at a distance… picture-perfect.

If you want a break from walking around the Hoan Kiem Lake, just look for the Hapro Coffee Kiosk on Pho Le Thai To, opposite the bridge, for a coffee al fresco with the love of your life. If budget and time permit, you can go shopping at the Old Quarter just a few minutes’ walk away.

For more about the lake and its attractions, read: Walking Through Hoan Kiem Lake - Hanoi, Vietnam. Other Hanoi destinations are covered in Seven Must-See Sights in Hanoi, Vietnam. For more general information about traveling in Vietnam, read Vietnam Travel Information and Vietnam Eight Day Itinerary: What to Do and See with Eight Days in Vietnam.

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