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Southeast Asia Travel Destinations


You'll find a wide range of experiences in Southeast Asia's many destinations, from ancient temples to sunny beaches. The variety of destinations in Southeast Asia is simply mind-blowing: natural attractions layered with unforgettable local cultures.
  1. Cambodia
  2. Indonesia
  3. Bali, Indonesia
  4. Laos
  5. Malaysia
  1. Philippines
  2. Singapore
  3. Thailand
  4. Vietnam


Apsara in Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Rising from the ashes of war, Cambodia is well on its way to reclaiming its place as a premier tourist stop. Cambodia's luxury hotels, expansive beaches, and grand temples (all at low prices) are great reasons to fly in and stay awhile. Visitors can fly in through the capital Phnom Penh or via Siem Reap, or travel overland from Thailand or Vietnam.


With more than 18,000 islands and 240 million people, Indonesia offers almost unimaginable diversity within its borders. The paradisiacal island of Bali is the most famous of Indonesia’s many tourist destinations.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali surfing

The tiny island of Bali is so packed with tourist experiences, we decided it deserved a section of its own! Bali's culture sets it apart from the rest of Indonesia - their particular practice of Hinduism find expression in the island's many temples, artworks, and performances. Bali's international airport links it to international air gateways across the region and the world.



Laos may be Southeast Asia's most untouched country bar none, but its long history and rich culture make it a budget destination par excellence. This landlocked state in Indochina is home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and some of the most biologically diverse areas in the region.


Malaysia is a land of cultural contrasts. One day you’ll be staring from the viewing deck of a skyscraper in Kuala Lumpur, the next you’ll be marching up a trail along Mount Kinabalu.


The Philippines is one of the few Christian-majority countries in Southeast Asia, with a blend of Asian and Latin influences you won’t find anywhere else. Come for the beaches, stay for the fiestas that seem to pop up almost every week.


Known as the "Switzerland of Southeast Asia", Singapore's clean cityscapes and technological wizardry are a perfect complement to the city-state's utter devotion to shopping and good eats.


Thailand is Southeast Asia's most popular destination, with a cultural richness that adds extra dimension to the country's famous beaches, shopping, and nightlife.


Vietnam has picked itself up quite nicely from years of war – now, the country is a wonderful mosaic of cultural sights, natural wonders, and cheap thrills.

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