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A Travel Guide to Singapore

A travel guide to the best of Singapore – with detailed information about Asian food, shopping, exploring Sentosa Island and Singapore Zoo, and more.
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Singapore Travel Guide
A comprehensive guide for travelers considering a visit to Singapore: find out about the country's transportation, entry requirements, weather, safety, and top places to visit

Singapore Profile
Basic facts and map of Singapore, from the CIA World Factbook.

Singapore Travel Information
Must-have information for first-time visitors to Singapore: all about the island state's visa requirements, currency, safety situation, climate, getting in, and getting around. Don't fly to Changi Airport without it.

Top Reasons to Visit Singapore
Singapore packs a surprisingly massive number of attractions in a land area not much bigger than El Paso, Texas. We've boiled down the reasons for visiting Singapore down to a few bullet points.

Images of Singapore
This growing collection of photos will show you everything that Singapore has to offer: from its food to its architecture to its multicultural heritage.

Transportation Into & Around Singapore
An overview of transportation getting into and around Singapore - covering air, land, and sea routes using buses, ships, and Singapore's ultra-efficient MRT transport system.

Money in Singapore
All about money, banks, moneychangers, credit cards, money tips and useful spending suggestions for travelers in Singapore.

Weather in Singapore
Singapore’s weather is uniformly warm and humid, experiencing year-round showers. Average daytime temperature is approximately 86ºF (30ºC), falling to 74ºF (23ºC) in the evening. Read the full article to see more details on Singapore’s weather. Includes information on recommended clothing and links to local weather conditions.

Drug Laws in Singapore
All About Singapore's draconian drug laws, tips on how to avoid being arrested, and what to do if arrested in Singapore for drugs

Using StarHub’s GSM Tourist Prepaid Card in Singapore
A review of Starhub and Singapore Tourism Board's GSM Prepaid Card for travelers. A look at its call, text, and data performance, as well as a review of its specials and freebies for Singapore tourists

Singapore Honeymoon Highlights
As Southeast Asia’s major gateway, Singapore's high standard of living and modernity serve to gently ease first-time visitors into this region's distinct brand of exotic. Couples celebrating their love will enjoy Singapore's extraordinary hotels, restaurants, and shopping, while keeping themselves occupied with a trove of art and exciting festivals.

Tax-Free Shopping in Singapore
Singapore stores let tourists redeem the Goods and Services Tax (GST) paid on their shopping upon departure. A short how-to with useful tips and links.

Direct Flights from Singapore to the Rest of Southeast Asia
Southeast Asia's major tourist destinations can be reached from Changi Airport in Singapore - read up on this airline hub and all the places you can fly nonstop from Singapore's Changi Airport

A Layover in Changi Airport, Singapore
Reasons to spend your layover in Changi Airport, Singapore - an efficient transport hub to the rest of Southeast Asia, and an attractive travel destination all its own

Uniquely Singapore - Official Website
The Singapore Government, with its usual efficiency, has come up with an astoundingly detailed website about everything the traveler could possibly see, do, or buy in the tiny nation-state.

Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore - Rediscover Singapore!
Explore Singapore like a native, with this handy resource for walking tours all over Singapore. Use this site as a resource for your next close encounter with Singapore's "unexplored nooks and crannies - nature and parks, heritage, sports, arts and culture, shopping, food and entertainment".

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