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Ten Dishes You Should Try in Singapore

Singapore's Favorite Foodstuffs, Available at Any Hawker Center Islandwide


Singapore cuisine spoils the visiting gourmand in more ways than one - from a wide assortment of dishes from all around the world, to food choices for all budgets, Singapore's food scene has it all. Still, you shouldn't leave without trying the local favorites, the dishes that warm the average Singaporean's heart and fill his stomach.

These dishes aren't purely Singaporean in origin - most of them hail from the Malay peninsula, China, and India, but Singaporeans have embraced these dishes and made them part of their lives.

These are the top ten dishes you should try, should you ever find yourself in Southeast Asia's food capital. These delicious Singaporean dishes can be sampled at any hawker and food center on the island.

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Bak Kut Teh - Tea from Pork Ribs and Assorted HerbsCarrot Cake - Savory Egg and Radish Treat (Carrot Not Included)Char Kway Teow - Noodles Done by an ExpertChili Crab - Best Eaten with your Hands
Hainanese Chicken Rice - A Pale Slice of HeavenSatay - Barbecue Asian StyleLaksa - Noodle Dish in CurryFish Head Curry - A Delicious Reward for the Adventurous
Roti Prata - Flat Bread Treat from IndiaRojak - Medley of Flavors
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