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Dining at Singapore's Block 51 Old Airport Road Food Centre


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Katong's Original Hawker Food Experience
Dining at Singapore's Block 51 Old Airport Road Food Centre
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It may not look like much: at first glance, it looks like a number of stalls crammed into the ground level of a carpark building. But this collection of food stalls happens to be one of the most popular public hawker centers on the island, outperforming the others in informal polls.

Since it opened in 1973, Old Airport Road Food Centre has hosted some of the finest family hawker enterprises, selling near-legendary satay bee hoon, char kway teow, and rojak. Today, 168 stalls make up the hawker center component on the ground floor, selling inexpensive but delectable Singapore and international favorites. You'll only need to spend about SGD 5-7 (about $4 to $5.50) for a belly-busting meal at the Old Airport Road Food Centre: awesomely great value typical of Singapore's hawker centers.

Your guide was brought to the Old Airport Road Food Centre by Makansutra and its founder, Singapore food enthusiast K.F. Seetoh. "Old Airport Road has been around for very long, it's got very good food, a very good reputation," Seetoh told us as we waited for our order. "You get stuff from breakfast all the way to supper. And there's a huge carpark beside it - it's one of the main factors of a good hawker center. All good hawker centers have got huge carparks."

Seetoh then ordered four Old Airport Road favorites for us, his guests: pictures and an account of the eating experience follow in the next few pages.


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