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Travel Planning for your Trip Through Southeast Asia

Some helpful travel tips to help you through your vacation in Southeast Asia. Includes valuable information on how to get to Southeast Asia, traveler-specific news, visas, currencies, and more.
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Eight SE Asian Destinations You Shouldn't Miss
In Asia, eight is believed to be the luckiest number. In Cantonese, the number eight represents "a great fortune in the near future". In the same spirit, we present eight places in Southeast Asia that represent everything good that the region has to offer.

10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Southeast Asia
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has recognized the unique cultural and historical value of several sites within Southeast Asia. Visit these sites to immerse yourself further in each country's past.

How to Save Money While Budget Traveling
Former contributing writer Greg Rodgers provides money-saving tips for backpackers traveling through Southeast Asia. With these simple, easy ways to cut on daily travel costs, there's no need to pinch pennies!

Traveling in Southeast Asia's Monsoon Season
Traveling during the rainy season can be a good thing... if you come prepared. Consult this article for information and tips if you want to take advantage of the monsoon season's lower prices. Tips, dos and don'ts, and packing advice for rainy season travelers.

Responsible Travel in Southeast Asia
Responsible travel is making simple decisions. Learn quick tips and facts for ways that you can support responsible travel.

Southeast Asia Visa Requirements for US Passport Holders
Southeast Asia is generally open to US citizens, with different degrees of visa-free access throughout the region. Most countries in Southeast Asia allow fairly easy visa-free entry, or visa upon arrival, for stays ranging from two weeks to three months. The only exception is Vietnam, which requires US passport holders to get prior visa...

Monkey Bites
Monkey bites are serious if left untreated. Read about monkey behavior and how to avoid monkey bites.

What to Pack for your Trip to Southeast Asia
Packing advice for the first-time traveler to Southeast Asia. How to pack for the weather, what to bring, and what you can afford to leave behind.

A Short Guide to Getting Drunk in Southeast Asia
Is drinking legal where you're going? Check out this summary of laws governing alcohol sale and consumption throughout Southeast Asia .

Five Extreme Sports Adventures in Southeast Asia
Extreme sports is in vogue throughout Southeast Asia. Grab your parachute, your travel insurance, and your heart medication - these different adventure options are waiting for you to jump in!

GSM Phone Roaming: The Basics
Certain U.S. cellular phones will work in Southeast Asia, so if your phone meets a few conditions, you’ll be able to call home on your own handset to tell the folks how your trip is going. Here's a quick rundown of the conditions your phone needs to fulfill before you can take it with you on your trip.

The Cambodia e-Visa
How to apply for a Cambodia e-Visa - a travel document that you can apply for (and pay) online, in less than 24 hours.

Packing Tips for your Southeast Asia Hiking Trip
Southeast Asia's great outdoors are too gorgeous to miss. Don't let a lack of vital equipment get in your way! While many essentials are easy to buy along the way, some things are best obtained before you set out on your trip. Your average market in Phnom Penh will have a sarong in your size, but good luck if you find a first aid kit that has everything you need!

Preparing for Your Trip to Southeast Asia

On your next Southeast Asia Trip, don't fly in blind. Make sure you're prepared to handle the weather, culture, and travel conditions wherever you're headed.

The list that follows ought to help you prepare for your trip to Southeast Asia, although keep in mind it's a rather general list, covering a wide range of conditions in the region. Be sure to click on the following links for more…

H1N1 Prevention Tips for Southeast Asia Travelers
A handful of tips to help prepare the Southeast Asia traveler for a trip through an affected region - without catching the disease.

Tips for Traveling During Typhoon Season in Southeast Asia
Southeast Asia's typhoons attack year-round, but intensify between May and October. Follow these tips on what to do in the event your Southeast Asia trip coincides with a typhoon visit.

Pack UV-Resistant Clothes For Your Southeast Asia Trip
Sun protection in Southeast Asia doesn't always have to involve gobs of sunscreen every few hours. Your clothes can give you an added level of UV protection, with more convenience and less mess than most sunscreens on the market. Save your skin with a wide-brimmed hat and UV-resistant clothes - and that's just a start! Use the list below as...

Getting Past Vietnam's Ban on Facebook
Facebook is unofficially blocked in Vietnam, but there's nothing to stop you from using Facebook with this list of workarounds

8 Popular Scams in Southeast Asia
When visiting unfamiliar places with language barriers and different customs, travelers often find themselves the target of unscrupulous individuals looking to take advantage. Scams in Southeast Asia are no different; most are based around the naive trust of tourists who are enchanted by the people and the place they are visiting. The only way...

What to Pack for Monsoon Season Travel in Southeast Asia
Packing advice for rainy season travelers in Southeast Asia - how to contend with the monsoon season's humidity, health risks, and rains

Maps of Southeast Asia
Get your bearings on the countries in Southeast Asia. Maps of the entire region, and its constituent countries: Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor-Leste, and Vietnam.

Southeast Asia Hotels on Twitter
List of Southeast Asia hotels on Twitter. Follow them to get great deals and stay current with new events.

Book Review: The Snake Charmer
A full review of Jamie James' nonfiction book about Joe Slowinski, the American herpetologist who went to Burma to study its largely-unexplored snake population - and got more than he bargained for.

Mosque Etiquette
Mosque etiquette is simple. Read do's and don'ts for visiting mosques.

How to Haggle in Southeast Asia
Although a foreign process to many Westerners, good haggling skills are a must for making purchases in Southeast Asia. Nearly anything without a fixed price can be negotiated, from guest house rooms to t-shirts and taxis. Haggling doesn't have to be an uncomfortable interaction; local vendors not only expect it, they enjoy it! Follow these...

JiWire Worldwide Wi-Fi Finder
Traveling to Southeast Asia with a laptop? Find a Wi-Fi hotspot at your destination before you even arrive with this handy finder.

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