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A Travel Guide to Vietnam

A travel guide to the best of Vietnam – with detailed information about Hanoi, Saigon, and more.
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Vietnam Travel Information
The essential lowdown on traveling to Vietnam: all about the nation's visa requirements, currency, safety situation, climate, getting in, and getting around.

Vietnam Travel Guide
Before visiting Vietnam, make sure you learn all you can about Vietnam's visas, weather, transport and more to guarantee a safe and successful trip.

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Vietnam
Read this top ten list of Vietnam's top attractions to find out all about the country's ancient buildings, awesome food traditions, and natural wonders that the 20th century's wars couldn't erase.

Vietnam Profile
Basic facts and map of Vietnam, from the CIA World Factbook.

Weather in Vietnam
Due to its unique geography, Vietnam has a climate with wide variation from north to south, delineated into two distinct climatic zones. Read the full article to see more details on Vietnam’s weather. Includes information on recommended clothing and links to local weather conditions in Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City, and Hanoi.

Money in Vietnam
Vietnam is a two-currency country - both Vietnamese dong and US dollars are legal tender, and you can go around spending nothing but greenbacks if you wanted to. Money tips and useful spending suggestions for travelers in Vietnam.

Visa for Vietnam
Visitors going to Vietnam must show a valid Vietnam visa before being allowed into the country. A guide to getting your own Vietnam visa - where to get it and how.

Air Travel within Vietnam
An overview of domestic air travel in Vietnam. Carriers, airports, and other useful information on air travel in Vietnam.

Vietnam Travel by Train
Traveling through Vietnam via train, on the "Reunification Express" linking Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City.

Vietnam Train Travel from Hanoi to Hue via Livitrans
A full review of the Vietnam train experience riding from Hanoi to Hue, via Livitrans on the Reunification Express.

Scams in Vietnam
Scams in Vietnam are everywhere! Learn these common scams in Vietnam before you travel.

Dos and Donts of Hiring a Travel Agency in Hanoi, Vietnam
There are honest travel agencies in Hanoi, Vietnam... and there are the sharks that are sadly too common in the Vietnam travel industry. How to get the most out of your Vietnam vacation without getting ripped off, and how to know what travel agencies in Hanoi to trust.

Getting Past Vietnam's Ban on Facebook
Facebook is unofficially blocked in Vietnam, but there's nothing to stop you from using Facebook with this list of workarounds

Photos & Images of Vietnam
Vietnam is a magical place. While the older generations remember the Vietnam War and have mixed feelings as they tour this Asian country, younger folk simply see Vietnam as a wonderful place to explore while hiking, biking and sitting on beaches. Many tour operators offer vacation packages to this country, which also include the option of a side trip tour Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

Vietnam is a Feast for the Eyes and Other Senses
Vietnam is an edgy but exciting country to explore. Here, vacationers bounce back and forth between noisy cities where more than 500 motor scooters and bikes surround every car, and a bucolic countryside where water buffalo pull farmers on a foot plow through watery rice fields.

Official Vietnam Tourism Site
Official government tourism site. Comprehensive information on Vietnam's tour destinations, holidays, entertainment, history, and other information.

Embassy of the United States - Hanoi, Vietnam
Official site of the United States Embassy in Vietnam, based in the capital city of Hanoi. Relevant information, news, and updates for U.S. expats and tourists traveling through Vietnam.

CityLOOK Bus Tours – Air-Conditioned Tour Buses in Ho Chi Minh City
A tour bus system in Ho Chi Minh City offering air-conditioned tours from eleven hop-on/hop-off stations covering the city’s most prominent attractions.

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