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Cu Chi Tunnels - Vietnam War Memorial near Saigon


The Cu Chi Tunnels are a network of underground tunnels, carved out by hand, located 55 miles northwest of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). About two hours' drive from the former South Vietnam capital, Cu Chi Tunnels today comprise a popular Saigon tourist destination that provides visitors with an evocative look at Vietnam War history.

No grimy, insect-ridden hellholes here; the Vietnamese government has cleaned the place up and set up numerous exhibits around the site, not to mention a well-stocked souvenir shop and a firing range where visitors can fire automatic weapons for about a dollar a bullet.

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Cu Chi Tunnels - A Brief Background - Tunnel RatsCu Chi Tunnels - A Brief BackgroundDiorama of Cu Chi Tunnels, showing storage rooms, kitchens, etc.Secret to Cu Chi Tunnels' SuccessA "slipping armpit trap", usually covered with leaves, grips shut when a foot comes down on it.Cu Chi Tunnels' Lethal SurprisesA visitor tries out the (enlarged) Cu Chi tunnel for size. Cu Chi Tunnels - Cleaned Up for Tourists
A Guide at Cu Chi demonstrates the small size and the invisibility of the average Cu Chi tunnel.Cu Chi Tunnels' Disguised EntrancesTourist displays one of the picks used to dig out the tunnels, as another guide looks on.Cu Chi Tunnels' Ampitheater and PropagandaCaptured tank in Cu Chi exhibit. Cu Chi Tunnels' ExhibitsThe firing range near the souvenir shop at Cu Chi.Cu Chi Souvenir Shop... and Firing Range
The ticket booth at the entrance of the Cu Chi Tunnels exhibit.Cu Chi Tunnels: Transportation, Entrance Fees
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